GLARE TIPS - The Anatomy of a Vignette

By Glare|26 November 2018

Vignette helps your space to has more story and character while enhancing the ambiance at the same time.
Here's a quick tips for you:
1. Decide where you're going to create vignette (on console, credenza, dresser, side tables, coffee tables, shelves, mantels, many more)
2. Set the theme that suitable for your room (colors, materials, shapes)
3. Start to gather your object. If your furniture facing the wall, it may needs an anchor object as the focal point, usually the biggest one (mirror/paintings/clock/frames)
The selection of the rest objects must *varied on height* such as lamp, vase, photo frames, candlesticks, bowl, tray, baskets, jar, bowls, sculpture/figurine, flowers/nature things, etc
4. Do symmetric or asymmetric arrangement as you prefer
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