We are offering new perspective and idea in furniture and interior industry through our material,
design and value. We are strive to provide fresh inspiration and exploration,
proudly by local designer and craftmanship.

VISION We present an experience
MISSION To be the avant garde design company in Indonesia

Escalating art-awareness and inspires people

For people proud having our products and services

Principal Designer of GLARE

Growing up sketching and painting, she would always choose creative industry. She was attended Tarumanagara University and earned 2014 “Best Graduate” of Interior Design Faculty, confirms her dedication and eagerness on learning and design. She is a conceptual thinker and explorer, and always applied that value through every design, since her very first project. Because she believe in story, experience, and the reason behind the design, those are what make the result special and valuable, not just a random pick.

Spent three years as a Project Manager and Designer at design & build contractor firm, gave her experience to handle and manage projects from A to Z, and to realize her preferences on design style and material. Until her idealism pushed her to have her own legacy, to turn her idea into reality, to continuously inspire herself and other people - She decided to start establishing.

As Himalaya Abadi and Her have same vision and verve to keep exploring themself through creation-especially art, they’re combining their knowledge and value to create a new brand: GLARE – glass furniture. A collaboration of art and glass into something more applicable on interior industry.

Himalaya Abadi is one of established glass distributor and importer in Indonesia since 1973, and now has wide variety of decorative glass collections with various textures, colors, and technologies that are constantly updated.

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